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From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Family VacationFamily Vacation
Storyguy22(1)Usual disclaimers apply, and it's only fiction. As he reached the top of the stairs and entered his bedroom Robby
silently pondered the strange sense of intrigue that percolated in his
mind. Settling onto his bed, he let his thoughts process slowly, still not
fully understanding the odd feeling of excitement that gave him a mild
sense of butterflies on the prowl in his flat tummy. It was just plain
weird, he thought, and he couldn't remember ever feeling this way following
one of the "family meetings" that were a fairly young spread lolita nude common event in his
family. Typically, he suffered silently through these usually mundane
sessions, eager to appear fully agreeable with whatever the topic was so
that he might escape as soon as possible and with as little bloodshed as
possible. But, this particular gathering had offered a bit of a different
twist, and it was that little twist that had him thinking thoughts that
prior to this had preteen illegal lolita pics only floated around the periphery of his young mind. Having recently celebrated his fourteenth birthday Robby was pretty much
the poster-boy example of the suddenly lust filled teen boy, his unfolding
puberty having loosed a seemingly uncontrollable rush of raging hormones
that had rendered him all but helpless to think of any broader range of
thoughts than those consisting of sex, sex, and more sex. And if that
weren't enough, those unrelenting thoughts resulted in a nearly constant
state of erection in his pride and joy, along with a relentless aching in
his plump young balls that practically screamed for frequent release of his
pent-up fluids. It seemed that his young life had recently become one long
and endless masturbation session, the act seemingly the single source of
relief of the constant pressure he felt in his balls, and he had on several
occasions prayed fervently that the stories he had heard regarding
self-induced blindness and hairy palms were untrue. To make matters worse
Robby was afflicted with an abject shyness that rendered it nearly
impossible for him to string together any sort of snappy dialogue with the
fair sex, or much of anything at all beyond a blushing and somewhat squeaky
reply to any attempt at conversation that might be instigated by some
brazen lass as he beat a hasty retreat from what he deemed an intolerable
situation, no matter what his aching balls thought. Sighing at the depressing situation, Robby pushed a pillow under his head,
and stretched out on his bed, his hand idly dropping to grope his crotch
and squeeze the boner he was not in the least surprised to find there as
his thoughts returned to the family meeting session, and his Fathers
dissertation regarding the upcoming family vacation trip to his favorite
mountain resort, and lake. This year, his Dad had summarized, the cabin
that they had rented several times in the past was unavailable, and that
the only alternative was a two bedroom place rather than their usual three
bedroom one. That being said, his Dad had gone on to call for a family up
or down vote on booking the two bedroom, spelling out his concern that
neither Robby nor his nearly twelve year old Sister Shelby had any issues
with sharing the second bedroom free real lolita pictures
for the two week vacation period. Dad had
elaborated that the room contained two double beds, and plenty of closet
space to accommodate both their things without problem, leaving only the
question of how the brother and sister felt about sleeping in the same
bedroom. Sandy had merely shrugged her apparent indifference, her absolute love
for the lakeside resort quickly outweighing any reluctance she may have
felt regarding sleeping in a room where her big brother would occupy a bed
not more than three or four feet from hers. Aside from her passion for young lolita model galleries the
resort being such that she would happily sleep on the sofa if the shared
quarters should become an issue, Shelby actually had a bit of a secret
crush on her older brother, and the off chance of catching him in some
state of undress or some other unguarded state offered Shelby a rare
opportunity that would never present itself at home where they each enjoyed
their own bedroom complete with private bath. For Robby, the pronouncement
instigated a similar reaction, if a touch more in depth, as he quickly
conjured up mental images of his cute little sister lying about the shared
bedroom wearing some of the hot little Baby-Doll pajamas top 100 lolita girl she favored, or
better still the cutoff old tee shirt and sexy little panties she often
slept in during warmer weather. Robby also harbored a secret lust for his
little Sis, and in fact a good many of his rampant beat-off sessions had
featured mental images of her trim little body in a multitude of ways that
very definitely were not brotherly. In truth, a part of this stemmed from
his horrible shyness that had thus far prevented him from developing
sufficient relationships with any girls his own age that might otherwise
fuel his fantasies, and Shelby was a ready source that for whatever reason
he was entirely comfortable being around. True, she was just beginning to develop, and while she was clearly
lacking as yet in any kind of real tits, Robby did thoroughly enjoy all
opportunities to sneak glances at her recently budding nipples that had a
way of poking at her snug tops that drove Robby to distraction every time
he saw them. Add to that the fact that boobs or not, Shelby was a drop-dead
cute blonde with Azure blue eyes that would soon have legions of horny
young boys dogging her path, and her petite and slender body was blessed
with the sweetest little ass one could imagine, and legs that would make a
fashion model envious. While Robby had not actually seen his Sister fully
naked since she was about seven, back when they still frequently bathed
together, he had no problem recalling the puffy lips of her pink and
hairless little pussy, and his now much more mature mind clearly imaged his
stiff cock sliding between them to enter her slick tightness. Yup, he
thought as he released his straining erection from his shorts and began
stroking it; this sharing a bedroom with Shelby might turn out to non nude lolita boys be a good
thing!At the other end of the hallway, Shelby slowly undressed to get ready for
bed, and as she paused to admire her naked young body in the long mirror
that was mounted on the back of the door, her mind couldn't seem to stop
thinking of Robby, and the exciting idea that they would soon be roommates
for a whole two weeks. Her lush mouth turned to a small frown as she
settled her gaze on the reflection of her still mostly flat chest, and she
moved her hands to let her slender fingers rub over her puffy nipples as a
chill of pleasure ran down her spine. The rosy nipples responded instantly,
erecting into eraser tip points that she found to be highly sensitive to
her exploring touches, and she fleetingly wondered how it would feel to
have her Brother touch them, or possibly even lick, and suck them. The
thought caused her to moan softly, and she let one hand drift lower over
her creamy soft torso until her fingers rested on the still bald mound just
above her pussy. Shuddering, she trailed her middle finger downward,
following the slit of her pussy, and she gasped out loud as she let the
digit slip between the swollen lips far enough to feel the wetness that
oozed within. Oh jeez, she thought, I love this, touching myself this way
feels so good...just imagine if this was Robby's thick finger touching me
here...or...oh gosh...his big...boy-thing! She shuddered again, finding a
kind of rhythm between her one hand stroking her stiff nipples while the
other slid a finger along her wet slit, and she suddenly wondered if her
Mom enjoyed her Dad touching her this way, and how she felt when he pushed
his hard thing inside her. It was, she knew, a pretty strange thing for her
to wonder about, but ever since they had covered the basics of sex
education in school she had had recurring thoughts about her parent's
sexuality, thoughts that somehow excited her, despite the strangeness. She
couldn't help but wonder about the size of her Dad's penis, and she
instinctively understood that his would be even larger than her brothers,
and that too preteen illegal lolita pics excited her, given that she never failed to marvel at the very
impressive bulges that filled the front of the snug briefs she frequently
saw Robby wearing around the house. Shelby's thoughts, coupled with her now somewhat frantic fingering of
her rigid nipples and juicy slit caused her thought process to blur as she
turned her full focus to the myriad of sensations that now controlled her
trembling body, and as her probing finger concentrated on the swollen nub
of her tingling clitoris she surrendered to the orgasm that washed over her
petite little body. As the intensity finally waned, she moved to lie on her
bed as her thoughts slowly returned to the upcoming family vacation, and
all that it might promise. "Oh God, Baby...that feels know how I love you sucking my
cock!" grunted the kids Dad Dave as his wife Lynn masterfully sucked him. "Um-hum," responded Lynn as she slid the thick stalk from her drooling
mouth, and rubbed the sensitive knob of it against her soft cheek as she
said, "And you know how much I love sucking it, too...but to be honest,
tonight I can't seem to stop thinking about sucking Robby off...feeling
that young boner filling my mouth with his sweet nectar!" Dave chuckled, loving seeing his pretty wife rubbing his oozing cock
against her soft face while expressing her dark desire to suck, and even
fuck, their fourteen year old son. Grinning at her, he responded, "I know, Baby, and it is a really hot thought, you sucking off Robby,
hell, even fucking the boy if you want to...and you know damn well how it
drive me nuts when I think about doing Shelby, too...those tiny tit-buds of
hers, and that killer little ass make me so damned hard...just imagine how
hot it would be to see her lush little mouth wrapped around this bad boy,
or to see it stuffing her tight little cunt!" Lynn chuckled, and as she once more took her husband's thick cock into
her mouth to finish him off, she mumbled, "Oh Baby...we are so bad...shameless with family lust...but it's just so
exciting...cum for me, Honey...I need to taste your thick load...right
now!" Not needing a second invitation, Dave promptly complied with several
strong spurts of thick, warm cream that jetted into his lolita teen nude artgalleries wife's sucking
mouth as she eagerly gulped it down. Sated, they cuddled in bed and quietly
chatted about the family meeting and the vacation plans, chuckling at how
easily their two kids had accepted the ruse they had laid on that would put
the two randy teens together in a single bedroom for two whole weeks, and
they had every hope that their somewhat sinister plot to entice brother extreme lolita pedo sex
sister into having sex together, and hopefully with Mom and Dad, would turn
out to be a raging success. Deciding that the first brick of the project
had been laid, Dave slid down the bed, and dipped his face between his
wife's widely splayed legs as he began expertly tongue-laving her very
juicy pussy, Lynn savored the delicious sensations a good while, and then
nearly broke her husband's neck as she tightly clamped her strong thighs
around it as a powerful orgasm washed over her. Lifting his juice coated
face, Dave winked at his wife, and said. "Always delicious, Sweetheart...but I got to tell you Baby...I really
can't illegal lolita sex movies wait to lap at Shelby's hot little cunt and taste her young juices!" Lynn giggled, and nodded her agreement as she wondered aloud, "Oh yes, you horny old devil you...I you think that we will
actually get to watch the kids fuck each other?" Dave grinned wickedly, and replied, "We can hope, Babe...but hey, I'll settle for whatever they feel okay
with!" That settled, they turned off the light, and the household slept, each
member of the family dreaming their individual dreams of the fast
approaching family vacation!(Continued Soon)
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